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Rêve Atelier

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cremè de la cremé of Fabric

Am I the only one who likes fashion yet knows nothing about it?

To me LACE IS LACE, I can't distinguish the difference between English or French or God knows what other laces out there. So when we decided to make a clothing business, I knew I had to know the different types of fabrics. Here is some of the conclusion I gathered:

Basically, there are 2 types of fabrics out there:
1. Natural
2. Synthetic

Some of natural fabrics are wool, cotton, silk, linen, and of course leather. Synthetic fabrics are polyester, chiffon, organza, nylon, and velvet. There are tons more but I'm going

to elaborate a bit further on the fabrics we consider using for our line. Mainly for economic consideration, but also versatility.

Soft, strong and very durable wool fabric provide warmth and attractive appearance. It is the fabric which keeps the wearer dry while sweating and cool when it is hot. Wicking away perspiration from the body, wool fabric does not wrinkle easily and is resistant to dirt wear and tear. It is also having the quality of not burning when put over the flame, it only smolder. Felt made of wool fabric is used as covers for piano hammers. It is also used in absorbing odors and noise in machinery and stereo speakers. Wool fabric is being used for clothing for over twelve thousand years does not only come from sheep only, whereas widely used kashmiri sweaters are made from goats.
Wool fabric is equipped with different characteristics like warm, resists to wrinkle, wear and tear, it is light weight and durable which also absorbs moisture.Some of the use of wool today is that beautiful Knit Sweater you love!
Our favorite among all forms of fabrics. This is the most common type of fabric used in clothes. Almost every clothes use cotton. It is the most soothing and safe fabric. Immense use of cotton fabric for infant s dresses or beddings is a live testimony of its softness and skin-friendliness. Cotton fabric has a distinctive feature that it adjusts easily with climatic requirements that is why it is called all-season fabric. In summer season cotton fabric keeps the body cool and absorbs the sweat easily whereas they give a warm feel if worn in winder season.

One of my favorite type of fabric: Silk. Known for its softness and beauty and luxurious look, it is one of the most expensive, fabric in the world. Silk was discovered during 2640 B.C. in china. Today there are different variety of silk available in the market like Chiffon, Georgette, Organza, Crepe de Chine, Duponi, Noil, Pongee, Shantung, Tussar, etc. 

Polyester is a type of fabric that is not found naturally. The polyester fabric is man made. The polyester fabric is widely used in various applications and is very much in demand in markets. This fabric has various qualities due to those it is so popular like wrinkle resistance and springing back into its smooth shape. The polyester fabric is very strong and soft as well.
In clothes, you can find them as a mixture with other fabrics, silk, cotton, one of the most widely used material.


Chiffon basically refers to a light plain woven sheer fabric with a soft drape. Chiffon fabric can be manufactured using different fibers like silk or synthetic, cotton etc. but chiffon is generally associated with fibers like nylon or silk. Chiffon fabric can easily be dyed in contrast to any desired shade. Chiffon is used for bridal gowns and also appears in evening dresses, prom dresses, and scarves. Chiffon can be made using various materials like silk, polyester, or rayon. Chiffon fabric is a classic choice for manufacturing blouses and various types of dresses. Chiffon fabric adds a magical look to the dress and wearer's personality.

But, the best teacher is experience so I'm really excited for what we are going to face ahead of us.
N is going to shop this Saturday for some of the most gorgeous fabrics we decide we want to use on our clothing. I'll let her share on her experience on the next post


M and N

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