Rêve Atelier

Rêve Atelier

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Rêvetorial: 4 Ways to wear Chloé CropTop

We had already posted this on our Instagram account (follow us if you haven't: @reveatelier) a few days ago. But I guess I want to share it in our blog as well since not everyone has already seen it.

I tried to mix-n-match our Chloé Crop Top and came up with this 4 ideas:

1. Pairing it with a pencil skirt in order to give it a business-like look
2. Cover up. if your tummy feels too exposed, simply cover it up with an open cardigan, jacket, blazer, or even your denim shirt (Like I did)
3. If you want to wear it without showing any of your skin at all, puff off your favorite bodycon dress underneath
4. You want to pay your attention with the proportion of your crop top and bottoms. You better be wearing a high-waist bottoms so that only a sliver skin will be showing.

writing on behalf of Reve Atelier

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